Lansdowne Assembly of God


     The pastoral family of our church is Rev. & Mrs. Walter C. Powis, Sr. Pastor Walt & Charlene met in 1959 in Southwest Pennsylvania through the Christ Ambassadors youth program of the Assemblies of God. In June of 1964 they married and moved to the Baltimore, Maryland area. 

     Pastor Walt, with an Associate Degree in Electronics And Instrumentation Technology worked for Westinghouse Space & Defense Center in 1963 and then went to the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, where he spent 31 years in the Microwave and RF Systems Group for areospace and earth science programs. Although they where always active in various ministries, it was not until 1978 that the Lord called them to prepare for full time ministry. 

     In 1989, Pastor Walt was called to pastor the Lansdowne Assembly of God Church even though he was still working for JHU/APL. In June of 1995, Pastor Walt was retired from JHU/APL and as a result never returned to secular employment. In May of 1994, he was ordained by the General Council of the Assemblies of God with the approval of the Potomac District Council. They have three married sons, who along with their wives, are also in local ministries. 

     Pastor Walt often states that even though he was involved with many great scientific endeavors while at JHU/APL, he is finally "doing something that matters". He reminds those around him that he is indeed living beyond all of his dreams and often expresses that he believes that he was born for "such a time as this".   News & Information